Our family
Travis, Sharon, Rebecca, and Bryan
Sea World 08
Becca and I at the Catcus Gardens in Vegas. It was kinda cool walking through the Garden. We actually went to take a tour of a Chocolate Factory but they were closed. The garden is on the same property so we did that instead.
Its not often we can get them to stand together for pictures. We kept trying to get them closer. They were waiting for the Fountains to start at Belagio.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

We went to Vegas Saturday to see the Jonas Brothers. That was Bryans first big concert. He saw Billy Currington a few years back but fell asleep so he doesn't remember that one. The seats we had were blocked off so we got bumped up to better seats which was nice.The concert was better than Travis and I thought it would be. The kids had a blast. Its so much fun watching their faces as their favorite song came on. It was a rough night because the Excalibur had an alarm go off at 1:30am. All of a sudden it sounded with the automated lady saying please remain calm while we investigate the source of the alarm. That went on for about 20 min before some guy said false alarm. So the kids were awake then. Sunday morning we mainly walked around on the strip.